5 Cool and Easy Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms


There are many ideas for you to apply when it comes to decorate the bedrooms. Bedroom is the place where you want to relax and get yourself some sleeps comfortably.bedroom placement of furniture

#1. Dollar Store-Mirrored Boxes

For this idea, what you need is mirrors of beveled style from dollar store and also a glue gun. With the mirrors as well as the glue gun in the edges and create a box from them. After you do it, your nightstand will be accompanied with the classy glass planters you just made.

#2. For less, Adding Antique Rug

Completing the look of your bedroom can be done by using Eastern flair. You can find many kinds of Eastern flair in the internet or by visiting a shop in around your house. Determine the best rug or flair that will give a great look to your house. You can also look for rugs that can be bargained. From the site you browse through the internet, you may find the handmade and antique rugs such as Kashmir and Persian with bargain prices. The rug may be given at $40.bedroom wall art decor designs

#3. Wall Arts

The ideas of putting wall art can result a great impression to the room. One of the ideas is to create the wall art yourself. For the material, you can get it from Papyrus and use the frame wrap paper. Papyrus material will create stunning print compared to the other materials. Choose or mix some focal prints to your bedroom wall’s liven up point.

#4. Photo Display

On a wall, tack a coat rack as well as use some ribbons for hanging your family photos from hooks for an eye-catching and interesting method of pictures displaying. You can also create anything based on your own creativity and ideas, so that your photo display will be even more original and interesting.

#5.  Transforming Plain Curtains

Affordable but striking treatment for window can be created by using plan curtains. Transform the plain curtains with the fashion beads by sticking it to the curtains. The fashion beads can be purchased in many craft shops, and you need glue for it.

In conclusion, there are ways to make a point for your bedroom. You will be able to make your own creative arts for your room, and you will also be able to have fun in creating and decorating your bedroom. Collect more ideas, improve them in every of your “me-time” and good luck.

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