5 Stunning Home Decorating Ideas for Living Room


Living room decorating ideas usually come with many interesting ideas that will make your room better than it seems. If your room is small you can do some things to make it looks bigger, and vice versa. Here are some interesting ideas you may want to consider in decorating your room.sofa placement in living room

#1. Positioning the Sofa

Usually, the largest furniture in the living room is the couch. Thus, having the right spot for placing it can make your room different. Situating your couch to face the door is recommended. Adding console table behind the sofa can do if you have to place the back of the sofa to the entrance.

#2. Creating Focal Point

Living room needs a place or anchor for resting the eye, and these usually are beautiful or calming view, such as beautiful artwork or fireplace. The room will be grounded more and the function can be defined even better.

If you do not have natural focal point yet, you can try creating with your own stuff. For example if you have favorite item, you can place it as a focal point of your room. Bright pillows on the sofa can also be a quite nice focal point.

#3. Getting a Rug

Starting off a great room is by an eye-catching rug. Firstly, before you invest in a nice rug, determine the way you plan on using the room.  When you want open, big area for conversation and gatherings, go with large sisal rug which is able to handle traffic.

When you want to space that is separated for dining, you can place a rug in the spot you want in creating a natural boundary. For more comfortable ambience, choose shag rug or plush wool and toss pillows of floors down in order to encourage of more casual vibe.ceiling lighting ideas for living room

#4. Getting in Balance

Balance need to be created from top to bottom, so that the eyes do not stop at the sofa. Adding some interesting décor such as ceiling lighting, wall art, mirror, high back chairs.

#5. Softening the Space

Your room should have atmosphere that is inviting and feel like it “is finished”, where you need to add some accessories. You can put some cozy accessories. You also need to complete the look with the right lighting. Make the space glow as you want it to.

After all, you need to make sure you make the room finished and balance, which are the important things about all these tips.

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