8 Important Tips What to Do When the Garbage Disposal Just Stopped Working


In everyday life, the garbage disposal is one of the most important devices you need at home. This is a device that is placed underneath the sink that shreds the waste of foods that can make it easier in passing through the plumbing. This garbage disposal is a way that is great for keeping out the old garbage’s smell from the kitchen and cans of the garbage.garbage disposal problems and troubleshooting

#1. Keep Out Hard Materials from the Disposal

When you put something hard into the disposal, you will make the shredder dull and less efficient. Objects that are hard and small can also jam after they stuck on the parts that rotate. Each of the disposals of the garbage has its own capacity for objects that are hard.

#2. Avoid Starchy and Fibrous Items from the Disposal

Items that are starchy and fibrous can be the cause of the drain blockages that are particularly stubborn. This happens when the starched get thick and the fibers get tangled. Items like corn cobs, coffee grounds and banana peels should be put in minimal increments in the disposal.

#3. Run the Cold Water

When you put things down the garbage disposal, make sure you always run the cold water. This is because the cold water will be a good protection for the blades, as well as prolong the life of the disposal. Moreover, using the cold water can make everything on the disposal can smoothly go down.

#4. Put the Right Amount to the Garbage Disposal at One Time

When you put down items on the garbage disposal, avoid putting too much at one time. This can make the process of the disposal difficult because of the too much amount. You can cut the large pieces to put down the disposal into smaller chunks. After that, put them down the disposal by putting one at a time.

#5. Use the Disposal Regularly

Your stopped working disposal may be get rusted. You can use it regularly as a preventive action to the rust and corrosion.garbage disposal design

#6. Clean the Garbage Disposal

When your disposal stops working, it can be because it is dirty that it cannot function properly. You can do the cleaning to the disposal by pouring some dish soap down the disposal and turn it on for a minute, so that the soap can run.

#7. Check on the Source of Power of your Disposal

Check on the source of power and the plug of the disposal. You may forget to plug it in or maybe there is a problem on the connection between the source and the disposal machine.

#8. Get the Expert’s Help

When you have no idea what can be the problem, you may need the help from the expert. Ask for the technician to help you fix it.

After all, make sure you are not only using the disposal but also keeping it clean and avoid too much work at a time. Remember that your machine can be broken when you do not use it wisely.

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