7 Tips How To Install Travertine Pavers

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What are travertine pavers? Travertine pavers are pavers made from marble which can be set on concrete. This type of pavers is the most popular pavers from other types due to its color. The good news is, you can actually install it by yourself.travertine paver installation guide design

First: Have it ready, by sweeping the concrete as clean as possible. It is really recommended to make the concrete clean and smooth. Moreover, it is also recommended for you to bleach them to prevent mold and mildew grow if you want to install it outdoor.

Second: Patch all holes that you can find in the concrete, whether it is tiny or large. You need to buy the product in hardware store. By using the patching product, the adhesion and bonds become stronger.

Third: Layout the paver dry to get a look. By laying them dry, you can both see the designs, and also find out which pavers should be cut to make them fit. Also make sure to give mark to the pavers. If you need to cut the pavers for a design, then, give mark and separate it.Travertine Pavers Sealing Pool Deck

Fourth: Have the mortar ready, and you can do it outdoors. Use wheelbarrow to mix the mortar. And, be sure to mix the mortar in a place that is able to hold the entire bag, to ease you guessing how much you need it for small section.

Fifth: Spread the mortar to the concrete. You are recommended to use a trowel to do this. Hold the trowel on 45-degree angle. Use the trowel to spread the mortar for 2 or 4 travertine pavers only. And continue.

Sixth: Place the pavers fully by using small trowel to create a small layer of mortar that it joins the travertine pavers beside it. This process strengthens the adhesion and the bond between each paver, the concrete, and the mortar. Then, continue.

Seventh: Cut up the travertine pavers to make it tidier. You are recommended to use a tile saw. Be careful, and focus on the pavers that you have marked before. Then, place the pavers with mortar on the back edge to make it stick to each other.

Those are the seven tips that you need to know to install your own travertine pavers. Is it complicated? To be frank, the design that you want to realize also depends the time that you need. Always remember to reread, and use your spatial skills when something goes wrong.

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