Creative Ways to Display Art in Your Home


The true beauty of art is that it needn’t be confined to a box, separated from its admirers by walls of glass and wood. And yet, framing art is the traditional method of displaying it, thanks in large part to the grand salons of old and an antiquated idea that fine art is reserved for the elite. Of course, some art is traded at a pretty high level. Only a truly wealthy individual is likely to have a Van Gogh, Picasso, or Kandinsky original hanging on the wall. But thanks to modern print technology, anyone can display these beautiful masterpieces in their home. And whether you like 2-dimensional painting, sculpture, or other types of art, you needn’t limit yourself to traditional methods of display. If creativity is part of who you are, there are plenty of ways to show your artistic side when displaying works of art, putting favorite pieces center stage or integrating them into your interior design in ways that make them part of the living space.

If you’re looking for a way to make wall art more interesting or you want to save some money on the cost of framing, for example, you can skip traditional framing methods and opt for a different means of display. For example, you could hang a wire across the wall and use clips or clothespins to secure artwork to it. You could also create large mobiles to float pieces of lightweight art overhead. As a bonus, these methods could have some truly practical applications for people who live in earthquake zones. You might also change it up by putting famous works of art on the ceiling, the floor, or furniture (coffee table, drawer faces, etc.) using custom decals from a graphics companies like Blik Surface Graphics ( Changing the perspective from which art is viewed can alter and enhance the viewing experience.

You can also use a projector to display art on flat surfaces in your home, moving it around the house or using a variety of transparencies to display different pieces of art. This is kind of a fun way to display your favorite artwork for parties since it is also a light source. And you can get pretty creative with three-dimensional art, as well. Instead of displaying it in a traditional glass box, a curio cabinet, or on a pedestal, just for example, you could put it right in the middle of the room on a coffee or side table for viewers to see up close and even touch, if you’re so inclined. Or you could place it on a lazy Susan so that viewers can look at it from every angle without having to touch it, if you’re dealing with delicate or priceless pieces.

There are practically unlimited ways to display wall art - often you don’t even need a wall to do it. And you can place 3-D artwork on anything from and easy pedestal to a suspended platform to show it off to the best advantage. Getting creative with your artistic displays requires only your imagination and a willingness to try new things. And this is probably the exact same impetus that led the masters to create the works you cherish in the first place.

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