How to Build a Stone Patio or Walkway


Building an outdoor stone patio or walkway is actually much easier than you think. Plus, it can really bring your outdoor space to life in way you had no idea was possible. If you have a backyard, you can create a unique space amongst your flora where you can place a stone patio. On that patio, you can place chairs, tables and even chaise lounges – kind of like having an outdoor living space. If you have a large outdoor space with a lot of trees, you may want to create a stone walkway – so that you or guests can walk into your outdoor space without trudging through mud. Here is how to build a stone patio or walkway.

  1. Choose a stone that you like. Before you take any further steps, you want to choose the type of stone that you will use to create your patio or walkway. You can easily visit Teton Stone to choose from a wide selection of different stones. People trust this retailer because it is the top choice for many patio pavers. Aesthetically, you want to choose something that compliments your home, but you don’t want something too matchy matchy.
  2. Prep the area. After you choose the stone, you want to prep the area where you want to lay the stone. This usually involves pulling any flora out of the soil and flattening the earth to allow for placement of the stones. In order to flatten the earth, you may want to add soil – just to create a flat surface. You also use a flattening roller to further level the ground. When it comes down to it, you want the surface to be perfectly flat.
  3. Lay the stone. Once the earth is flat, you can start laying the stone. If you have irregularly sized stones, you want to make sure that each lines up as closely as possible. When it comes to the sealing process, you don’t want the stones to be too close together, because that could cause some issues. If you are installing similarly shaped and sized stones, you want to measure and line off the area where you want the stone patio or walkway to be.
  4. Use grouting to seal the stone. Once the stone is laid in the earth, you can use grout to seal the stone together. Grout is usually applied between the stones. During the drying process, you may want to place some stints between the stones – just to ensure that the grout dries evenly. After you apply the grout, you want to take a putty knife and remove as much excess grout as possible.
  5. Use a flattening tool. After the grout is applied and the stones are in place, you can use a flattening tool to ensure that everything is packed in tightly. Ideally, you want your stone patio to be packed as tight as possible – you don’t want buckling to cause cracks and other damages. In the end, the tighter you can pack the patio or walkway, the longer it will last.

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