5 Budget-Friendly Backyard Makeover Tips


Is your backyard in need of a makeover? There are a number of ways to know if it is. For instance, your grass may be long and unwieldy – with no direction or delineation. Your backyard may also be boring or uninteresting, especially if there isn’t a diversity of plants. Your backyard could also need an update if you have a square of dirt and that’s about it. When it comes down to it, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on landscaping. All you need for your backyard landscaping project are a few plants and a lot of creativity. Creativity will come in handy for the design of your outdoor space and the budget. Here are five budget-friendly backyard makeover tips.

  1. Have a plan laid out. One of the best ways to save money on your backyard makeover is to have a plan. The more detailed your plan the better – you want to be able to find the most affordable options when it comes to soil, plants, flowers, and even tools. Plus, you want to create a blueprint of how you want your backyard to look.
  2. Create sections. Another way to save money is to create sections. If you have a relatively large backyard, it may get expensive to plant nothing but trees. However, if you plant trees in one section, you may want to include a rock garden in another section – and then a separate area for grass. This is one of the best ways to effectively keep your costs down. In the long run, you also have to think about maintenance. The more trees and flora you have, the more watering, mulching and fertilizing you will have to do, which could get pricey.
  3. Consult with a landscaper. Instead of hiring a landscape firm – like Michael Hatcher and Associates, Inc. - you could simply ask questions and ask for consultation. This is especially important if you have some issues with design or if you hit a roadblock. A professional landscaper will tell you exactly how to get around that roadblock. He or she may also have an idea that prevents that roadblock from happening again. All in all, it can really be beneficial to have some professional advice.
  4. Use natural stone. Using natural materials can be much more affordable than getting a pathway or section of your backyard space paved. With natural materials like stone or rock, you can cover a lot of square footage without spending a lot of money. When it comes down to it, you can actually get really creative with natural stone – especially if you go with volcanic stone, which has a deep black hue.
  5. Maintain a DIY work ethic. If you have a strict budget but want a beautiful backyard, you want to work hard to do most of the work yourself. When it comes down to it, you can often look up ideas and solve complicated problems by doing research online. In the end, once your backyard is cleaned up and ready to be enjoyed, you’ll be glad that you took on the project.

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