5 Tips for Decorating Your Breezy Waterfront Home


If you’ve just recently closed on a waterfront home, that is really exciting news! You have just invested in the kind of property that will offer you years of absolutely breathtaking views, fun in the sun, and wonderful weather. Now all you have to do is decorate your place.

And while it would be awesome to hire a professional interior designer to choose the décor for you, it’s understandable if the new purchase has you on a bit of a tight budget. So in order to help you save a few dollars while still providing you with the look that you want, here are five tips for decorating your breezy waterfront home.

Choose pastel or neutral colors for your walls. With nice weather comes natural light. So in order to take advantage of all of the Vitamin D that the sun has to offer, make sure that when it comes to the color of your walls, you choose hues that reflect light rather than absorb it. Light blues, greens, yellows, or light neutral palates always provide this kind of effect. Plus, lighter shades give the visual illusion of rooms being larger than they actually are (especially if you position mirrors in front of windows or doorways).

Get your windows professionally tinted. When it comes to deciding what kind of window treatments to put up, sometimes it can be challenging. On one hand, you may want to keep your treatments open so that you can take advantage of the views that you have. At the same time, you don’t want to compromise your privacy. Something that can provide you with the best of both worlds is to have your windows professionally tinted. They are made out of the kind of material that will make it possible for you to look outside of your windows while preventing others from looking in. Plus, they can help keep the rays from damaging your flooring and furniture. As far as what kind of window treatments would be best, curtains made out of lace or silk, Roman shades, or wooden blinds are all a nice complement.

Opt for water-resistant flooring. Here’s something that a lot of people tend to overlook when decorating their waterfront house: It’s important to invest in some water-resistant flooring. The reason why is because as people are coming in from swimming, fishing, or boating, they are going to be sure to bring some moisture in with them. Water-resistant floors are built to handle all of that kind of traffic. The best kinds are cork, vinyl, tile, and laminate floors. They are all durable and aesthetically-appealing options.

Have fun with wicker. If you went to a website like www.LakeHomes.com and spoke with an agent about what they’ve done before in order to stage a waterfront home so that they can sell it, one of the things that they might mention is that they accented a lot of rooms with pieces of wicker. Wicker is awesome because it’s lightweight, it’s timeless, and it’s really attractive in any seaside home. Plus, you can find it at pretty affordable prices in stores and online too.

Use plants (lots of plants). No waterfront house is going to be complete without putting a few plants inside of it. And while you could go with traditional ones like roses or carnations, if you’re wondering which ones bring about the absolute best in a house by the water, go to a local nursery to get some Lantana, Gazania, or Lavender. All are pretty and all are fragrant. They’re a perfect way to complete your indoor waterfront home design.

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